Gas Vibrators

Backpack Gas Vibrators

When concrete consolidation is required for remote or mobile applica-tions, there's nothing like a Northrock Backpack Vibrator System. These units are designed for use where electrical power is not conveniently available or for applications where extra mobility is desired. No tangled air hoses or electrical extension cords.

Northrock Quality

Northrock Backpack Vibrators offer just the right 10,000 vpm mid-frequency and force characteristics required to set material particles in motion quickly for rapid consolida-tion of homogenous mixes without destroying important freeze-thaw pressure-relief chains produced by small air bubbles. Northrock concrete vibrators are designed to maintain these optimum frequencies regardless of slump, head diameter or other load conditions. 

Power Units

Northrock Backpack Vibrators are driven by a fuel-efficient two-cycle, 50cc, 2-1/2 hp gas engine. This power unit is lightweight yet powerful enough todrive any of Northrock's 7', 10' or 14' flexible shafts and vibrator heads up to 2" in diameter. A quick connect/disconnect system allows for assembly/dis- assembly in seconds. The power unit is also designed for ease of operation as well as operator comfort. The engine swivels 260° for either right- or left-hand side operation for maximum flexibility and minimum fatigue. The engine throttle control and kill switch are placed conveniently at the side of the operator. An ergonomically designed frame with strategically positioned motor mounts isolate vibration from the operator. 

Flexible Shafts

Northrock Backpack Vibrator Systems offer a choice of standard heavy-duty shafts for better pokeability and light-duty pencil shafts for better flexibility. They are available in lengths of 7', 10' and 14'. 

Special Heads

A short 4-1/2" head is available for slabs, tilt-up and other precast work. Coated heads from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" diameter are available to protect rebar and soft tips are available to protect expensive forms.

With a wide range of poker vibrator heads and flexible shafts, Northrock Backpack Vibrator Systems offer the right combination for concrete contractors, rental houses and equipment dealers looking for a rapid return on investment. 

Vibrator Heads

Six Northrock vibrator heads are available in a range of diameters from 3/4 inch up to 2 inches. Diameter is selected by the scope of the job and desired productivity. High levels of centrifugal force and amplitude are generated by rotating Northrock's unique eccentric weights at the desired frequency within the head. A special oil bath system keeps the weights lubricated at all times. All heads are sealed at the factory and are maintenance free. 


Engine: 50cc Gasoline - 2-1/2 hp

Flexible Shafts: 7', 10', 14'

Vibrator Heads*: 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2"

Vibration Frequency: 10,000 vpm